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Train with Mighty Mutt Dog Training & Dog Walking

Results That Last

At Your Service

Leave It to the Expert

Do you need a dog walker? Is your new puppy driving you up a wall with constant chewing? Check out the list of services I offer to my clients.

Puppy Party Lessons

For the new puppy owner

These classes will help new puppy owners learn how to properly socialize their dog, teach their dog basic cues, recall, and politely meeting other dogs. For dogs a year old and under.

Six classes: $400

Four classes: $300


Basic Obedience

Learn how to help your dog cope in the human world

In these classes, owners will learn how to teach their dogs basic obedience cues such as "sit," "stay" and "go to mat." They will also learn how to read dogs' body language.

Six classes: $440

Four classes: $340

Help, My Dog Is A Reactive Hellhound

For the fearful and reactive dog

For owners of dogs that are fearful and reactive. You will learn how to lessen their fear, lessen their reactivity and how to help your dog not be so scared.

Six classes: $460

Four classes: $360


Keeping Fido Occupied

For owners wanting to work that brain

This class is designed to help busy dog owners provide mental and physical enrichment for their furry friend. You will get advice tailored to your dog about the kind of toys to purchase and what activities to do.

Six classes: $300

Four classes: $200

Dog Walking

Time for Your Pet

To book me as a dog walker, please visit my Rover Profile. First time clients, feel free to my referral code: AMANDAF37540

Puppy rate: $22

30 minute walk: $25

Hour walk: $30


Online Sessions

Get advice from a professional trainer via Zoom.

 Whether you need help with a new puppy, a reactive dog or just need to brush up on basic cues, you can book online sessions via Zoom.

Six classes: $300

Four classes: $200

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