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Amanda was Eli’s first dog walker and he had a blast! She was so patient with him from the moment she saw him. Looking forward to future walks with Amanda!

Eli, owned by Britney G.

Amanda has been great with our new pup! Always offers great feedback and is totally reliable! Would highly recommend her!

Leia, owned by Jen. S

Amanda is amazing! She really cares for the dogs. She treats them as if they are hers. She also tries to work on their problems such as pulling on the leash and other. She has a wealth of information on dogs’ behaviors and anything about dogs. I was lucky to have met her and so is my dog. :)

Summer, owned by Bina R.

Amanda did a wonderful job with our pup Chewy during the past week. She was also on time, attentive with updates and even has been teaching him small tricks! I would use her again for walks with our pup and he enjoyed his time with her. She is a wonderful dog walker.

Chewy, owned by Margaret Z.

Amanda a is trustworthy, professional dog-trainer and animal-handler, friendly, efficient and sincerely cares about helping dogs live their lives to their fullest, happiest potential by helping the humans redirect unwanted behaviors, through positive reinforcement.

Amanda is wonderful!  I reached out to Amanda in fear because I was just about to foster a dog and I wanted to make sure that things were to work out well between my dog and the dog I’m fostering.
Because of the urgency, she made time for me ASAP.

My dog Batty and the foster dog Pongo responded to her extremely well.  Amanda took my concerns into consideration, as well as the personalities of the two dogs.  Then we spent the hour, watching how  Amanda give commands, the pitch of her voice, body language and when to give rewards. She taught us how to train our dogs. She gave us opportunities to give it a try and she helped gently correct us, when we didn’t get it exactly right. My 11 year old Daughter was also a part of this and it was very helpful.
We have been implementing the training every day and we see positive results. Amanda is super attentive with animals and gives super helpful advice, which is through positive reinforcement.

I’ve seen Amanda in the neighborhood training other dogs as well as caring for one of my neighbors dogs when she is away . She’s a trusted and valuable part of our neighborhood and I feel very grateful knowing her.

Batty and Pongo, owned by Denise C.

Amanda is the absolute best person to have taking care of your dog. Seeing how well she’s raised two of her own dogs, there was no one else my family would want training, walking, or sitting our puppy. We can always count on her to make sure our dog is walked, fed, and happy when we’re away!

Lyla, owned by Jasmine C.

We just completed training with out dog Nala and Amanda helped us greatly in better understanding the dog and how to reinforce good behavior. We were very pleased with the training. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Nala, Owned by Joseph and Kim

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